Use Hoover WindTunnel Products for the Ultimate in Floor Cleaning Technology

Use Hoover WindTunnel Products for the Ultimate in Floor Cleaning Technology

Hoover is one of the most trusted names in home vacuum cleaners, and its line of WindTunnel products offer excellent features to help keep your carpets clean. If you are looking for a new vacuum that will keep your carpets looking newer for longer, consider one of the Hoover WindTunnel vacuums.

The WindTunnel line offers both bagged and bagless models, giving you added flexibility when choosing a floor cleaner. Each vacuum offers different benefits and designs, making it easy to choose the perfect model for you, no matter how big or small your home may be.

The self-propelled, bagged WindTunnel offers the ultimate relief for allergy sufferers, with HEPA media filters that capture 99.97 percent of dust and pollens. The adjustable carpet height levels allow you to give each carpeted surface in your home a thorough cleaning.

For smaller homes and apartments, the bagless WindTunnel Air is the right tool for the job. It features automatic shut-off when in the upright position, a 30-inch power cord, and five on-board tools that allow you to reach every crevice in a tiny home.

If you prefer the convenience of a canister vac, the WindTunnel Air is also available in this type of vacuum. The convenient bottom-release cup allows you to empty the canister without making a mess or getting your hands dirty.

No matter what your floor cleaning needs may be, Hoover WindTunnel Vacuums offer a model that will give your carpets a deep clean that improves the look of your home while relieving allergy symptoms.


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